About ICM

The International Christian Ministries ( ICM ), was established in October, 1981, by its founders U.S. Navy Lieutenant Donald and Missionary Evelyn Duplessis. 
It was organized as a Christian ministry fellowship, in the home of Reverend Paul Arrington at #3 Duncan Street, on the U. S. Naval Base, Yokusuka, Japan. Organized under the name Full Gospel Christian Cell Fellowship ( FGCCF ) and officially sanctioned by the Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Chaplain's Office Command Chaplain to function as a Christian Prayer and Bible study fellowship, 
the FGCCF conducted weekly Wednesday and Friday meetings in the home of Paul Arrington.

At present, ICM is currently  still worshiping together with different kinds of nations. 
It stands in continuing in prayer, spreading the Gospel to every nation and discipling them in doing God's will in their lives and to find God's calling for them.