ICM 40th Anniversary Testimonies

These are a compilation of testimonies from different nations about how ICM has helped
them in knowing God and discovering God`s calling for them.

1.  Deacon David Jackson 

My life was lost  I was in a dark place doing drugs sleeping with unsaved woman no direction but one night on drugs I asked God to help me and take me away from this dark place I was led to ICM and the first pastor I heard speak was pastor Evelin she mothered me in ICM and bishop became my spiritual father , brother, friend, guardian then I realized God had answered my prayer I just want my spiritual Papa and Mom to know you saved my life and my family I thank you from the bottom of my heart and it's all because of Jesus always in my prayers love you.

2. Deaconess Mich Maghanoy 

I am thankful to God for bringing me to ICM to be part of this family. This ministry not only helped grow in my spiritual walk but it also gave way for my relatives to  know the hope in Christ Jesus especially during this pandemic since they were almost broke financially. The livestream opened doors for my auntie and her husband to know Jesus and eventually opened themselves to God and in prayer. ICM has taught me to live by faith and to trust God.

3. Minister Mera Tilos 

I came to Japan to work due to financial problems I had. So, in order to earn a better salary, I was tempted to work in a club entertaining men with lies, drinking alcohol which became an addiction for about 9 months before I realized that this wasn’t happiness but a very stressful lifestyle.  But during those times Pastora Roslyn and Deaconess Melanie kept sharing the Word of God and Bible study with me, and always invited me to ICM Church where I always felt relieved and happy until Pastora Evelyn and other sisters of ICM challenged my faith to get out of my Egyptian life and come to Jesus Christ, of which I did by faith and quit that lifestyle without any money in my pocket, but God provided for me. Until this day I have never looked back or tempted to go back to club life, but continue to stand on my faith and serve God with all my best. 

4. Pastor Roslyn Miyazaki

The test was  struggling with financial debts with my credit cards. I was believing in the Lord to help me cancel it because I was paying too much interest to the credit company that made me so tired every month. As I start learning about tithes and offerings and obey it . The Lord instructed me to call the credit company and after that they refunded me a large amount of money and they told me that I don't have to pay them anymore because I already have completed my payments . To God be all the glory through Jesus Christ my Lord and savior for setting me free.

5. Bro. Benjamin Ufomba

It was difficult for me to find a Church in Japan. A lady met me in Sagamino park and took me to a Church in Yamato which was different from what I believe. I thank God it is also the same lady who showed me ICM and discouraged me not to go there. But one day I decided to go to ICM myself just to give it a try. After Pastor Roselin preached that day, I was comfortable and found peace. 

6. Sister Masami Ufomba

In the new year 2020, a word came into my mind 

"What is the purpose of living? I don't want to live the rest of my life alone like this." 

and I started to pray for a lifetime partner. God brought me Benjamin who led me to Jesus and ICM, and shook my life upside down ever since. I am now reborn, and I know I am loved by God, and my purpose to live is to give testimony.